Past Projects

Sustainable Solutions for an Evolving World


Green Infrastructure

Implementation Database

Led a team in the research of twenty cities under EPA consent decree with progressive Post Construction Stormwater Control Ordinances (PCSCOs) and Green Infrastructure (GI) mandates. Analylized information from regulated entities, city planners and engineers to understand the implementation of GI policy throughout various departments. Developed a proprietary tool for prioritizing GI policy options based on compliance structure, technical BPAs, level of administrative burden, and community/ environmental benefits.

Water-Energy-Carbon Nexus

Applications for Prioritizing and Decision Making

Developed metrics for quantifying the relationship between energy, water and carbon emission in centralized distribution systems. Identified key water loss components  (from source, through treatment, distribution, and end use). Developed a calculator to quantify energy loss and carbon emissions  associated with water distribution system water losses. Developed calculator to quantify water use and carbon emissions per unit of energy generated by traditional and renewable systems for any given EPA egrid.



In-Situ Bioremediation of 40MG Oil Spill

Project Engineer for a 40 MG In Situ Oil Spill Remediation Project including: 300 liner-ft underground jet grout barrier wall (Hayward Baker) to prevent migration of contaminated groundwater; and installation of all automatic control station, aeration, extraction, and oil skimming pumping and piping systems. In Situ Bio-remediation designed by Dr. Pat Evans.


Waste Oil as a Fuel Source

Performed a ‘Waste Oil Study’ for MCE,SA who was contracted by Kinross to dispose of equipment waste oil from their Tasiat mining operation in Mauritania.  Current industry needs for waste oil in the country and within other areas of MCE's  business operations were evaluated to identify economic and environmentally sound reuse options. Developed a process for modifying MCE's existing diesel operated solid waste incinerators with oil burners to use waste oil as an alternative fuel source; preventing oil contamination of the land and water and reducing operating cost by 30%.


Waste Water Treatment

Natural Waste Water Treatment System

Designed and Constructed a pilot project in Nouakchott, Mauritania to treat municipal waste water effluent, using aquatic plants and wetlands, to WHO standards for irrigation of vegetables for human consumption. Trained a team of women to operate and maintain the system.