US Embassy

Nouakchott, Mauritania

Facilities Engineer for the US Embassy compound, managing for 45 non-English speaking tradesmen in construction, renovation, and maintenance. Managed security and water projects with budgets ranging from $10K to $2M.


Humanitarian Assistance

Project Mangement of AFRICOM’s remote humanitarian aid projects in the Sahara Desert. Construction of 7 school and 3 health clinics within a 2000 mile radius.


Mauritania, West Africa

Developed a method to reuse mining waste oil as an alternative fuel source for diesel operated solid waste incinerators.


Silver Spring, MD

Transformed client's strategic plan into unique marketing tools. Conveyed the global significance of their work, positioning them as forward thinking experts and leveraging credibility to secure University and USAID grant opportunities


Detroit, MI

Created of a proprietary tool to evaluate and prioritize municipal Green Infrastructure policies and BMPs that address EPA mandates.

Peace Corps

Mauritania, West Africa

Collaborated with government officials, health care workers and women in remote villages to identify projects to improve health and sanitation. Secured USAID funds and managed resource allocations and projects logistics.

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