Harnessing the Power of Nature

Last Mile Solutions provides tri-sector leadership and implementation of sustainable technologies that harness the power of nature including off-grid renewable energy, water harvesting and reuse, wastewater treatment and green infrastructure.

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Tri-Sector Leadership

Linking Governments,
Businesses and Nonprofits.

The problems facing both rural areas and growing cities cannot be solved by governments, businesses or nonprofits alone. These challenges require the harmonious coordination of all three. Last Mile Solutions provides tri-sector leadership that aligns the needs of communities, with solutions developed by the private sector, and the education and community outreach provided by nonprofits to ensure sustainability.


Off Grid Renewable Energy

Supporting Partnerships for
Africa's Energy Revolution

Currently 70% of sub-Saharan Africa does not have access to power. Through one of the largest public-private partnerships in development history, USAID's Power Africa Initiative aims to provide energy to 60 million new households and businesses by 2030. Last Mile Solutions is creating partnerships and implementing projects between businesses that have developed off grid energy solutions and nonprofit organizations working in last mile villages where electrical grid access is geographically and financially prohibitive.


Water Harvesting and Reuse

Solutions for Rural and Urban Areas

The need for access to water for drinking, hygiene, irrigation, industry, and energy production continues to grow. In recent years new research and development has led to numerous water harvesting and reuse systems, but deployment of these technologies on a larger scale requires the development of partnerships between governments, businesses and nonprofits. Last Mile Solutions is creating partnerships between businesses that have developed water harvesting solutions and industry, governments, and nonprofit organizations.


Green Infrastructure

Solutions for Cities Worldwide

For centuries we have controlled water with grey infrastructure - large concrete pipes that prevent flooding by carrying stormwater to nearby streams. However, increased impervious surfaces in cities, increased pollutants in runoff, and increasingly unpredictable rainfall has led to massive flooding and polluted waterways. Last Mile Solutions is creating partnerships between cities in need of green infrastructure solutions and businesses and nonprofit organizations that have developed and evaluated GI systems that can be scaled, replicated, and modified for different geographic locations and weather patterns.